Amanda Sun


Founder and Director, Arts for Good Foundation

Amanda was born and grew up in Zhejiang, China. She lived in Canada and Hong Kong for the past 18 years where she finds herself a strong sense of belonging. 

Being a strong advocate of community inclusion and avid art lover, she championed art as an important common ground for fostering a diverse and inclusive society for Hong Kong. She deeply believes in the social power of arts and culture, and founded Arts for Good Foundation in 2020 to provide high quality and tailor made art viewing, art making and community services experiences for students (aged 9-22) in Hong Kong.  

The interpretation of diversity of the foundation is our diversity of cultural identities in Hong Kong. The interpretation of inclusion is to foster perspectives, nurture ethical and respectful minds towards cultural differences, and strengthen cultural identities through educating future generations, and engage children and youths to seek common humanity values and make positive changes together.

Prior to Arts for Good Foundation, Amanda worked in the commercial sector in Canada, and was an education researcher with Hong Kong Education University and Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education. She holds a Master's degree in recreation and tourism policy and planning, and a Bachelor's degree in Marketing.

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