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Future in YOU 2022

Let’s shape our Future together! Join Future in YOU 2022 - Virtual Summit & Career Expo!
This is a top and fun Asian Future Virtual Summit and Career Expo, incorporating:

  • 30+ Leaders from Corporates to share their Industrial Insights
  • 40+ Interactive Sessions with 60+ Leading Corporates
  • Be one of the 3000+ Future Talents to explore Global Opportunities
  • 5+ Interesting Online Challenges (Hackathons) with 100+ Challenging Job Offers

Unleash Your Future Possibilities With Us!

Meet the 30+ Industry Leading Speakers & Professional Trainers 

  We understand ...

HITTING US HARD... The horrendous pandemic affecting a shift in global economy

Year 2021-2022 has been a challenging period for most people.
COVID-19, New norm, Economy shifted, Remote working, Technology diversity, Metaverse ...
& all these new things we have to face in a short time.

No matter if you have just graduated or been a working professional for 10+ years ,
we are all facing an unsure future. 

The FUTURE in YOU 2022 is here to create unique moments
 for industries , talents & leaders in meeting, shaping, matching and co-creating a better future for all.

Join us in this regional online event. 
Unlock the possibilities of your life career beyond what you can imagine. 

Together we shape our future ! 


you get in ONE event, 
for your brighter future ahead in 2022 !

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It is your must-attend event in 2022 !

Forums | Workshops | Hackathons | Job Opportunities | Shows
All you can experience over 2 days! 

April 15-16 , 2022
Only This Easter!

Job Offers

Expose talent's competence to corporates: Companies may employ potential talents through virtual booths, networking, hackathons, and SandBox.


You will having Certificates and other rewards from workshops and challenging hackathons in recognition of your comprehension.

Latest Industries Insights

We feature a series of interactive workshops and forum led by our professional trainers and speakers.

Experience on SandBox

At our SandBox, we have corporations provide a variety of screening assessments. You can try them on to learn about the requirements of various professions in various industries.
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  Amazing Offers Awaiting YOU!  

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 6 significant themes that shape your future

#1 Future of Sustainable World

  • Impact
  • Sustainability
  • ESG & SDG-17

#2 Future of

  • Individual Purpose
  • Self-development
  • Motivation
  • Mindfulness

#3 Future of

  • HR remote assessment
  • Remote Working
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Well-being at Work
  • New normal

#4 Future of
Digital World 

  • E-commerce
  • AI & Big Data
  • Metaverse
  • AR/VR
  • Tech Innovations & Disruptions

#5 Future of

  • Emerging Markets
  • Start-ups & Unicorns
  • Strategy & Disruptions
  • Agile Development 

#6 Future of

  • Economy Crisis
  • Blockchain
  • Fintech & Digital currency
  • Venture Capital
  • New Space Economy
  • Circular Economy
Live sessions for everyone

Program Rundown (Playback)

Day 1 Forum
Day 2 Forum

15 APR , 9:20 (GMT+8) 

#Future #YOU #Inspiration #Leadership
Future of Asia

Opening Keynote : The Future And YOU

An Opening Keynote of the Day presented by the chairman of OASA, one of the event co-organiser. An inspirational session about the Future to kickstart the day.

By Dr.Gregg LiExecutive Chairs, OASA

15 APR , 9:40 (GMT+8) 

#Future #YOU #Inspiration #Leadership
Future of Asia

Opening Keynote: Construct your Metaverse with Alibaba Cloud

By Junxin WeiSeniro Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence 
with James Gim, GM , Unlock Design International Sdn Bhd

15 APR , 10:05 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#SpaceTrave #SpaceTourism
Future of Economy

Consumer Perceptions of Space Travel 

Have you ever imagined reaching for the stars, space walking on the moon watching the Earth rising? Although space travel sounds futuristic, it is turning into reality. Space tourism hit an important milestone in 2021 summer when Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX all sent their first batch of tourists to space. It marked the beginning of commercialised spaceflight and the dawn of space tourism that will contribute to over $1 trillion by 2040 for the global space industry (MorganStanley 2020). In this talk, I will share some initial findings about how consumers react to space travel across cultures.

By Prof. Lisa WanAssociate Professor, CUHK

15 APR , 10:30 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Blockchain #Crypto
Future of Economy

Views, Market Trend and Future of NFTs

 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) surged across the world last year. The global sales volume of NFTs exceeded USD 25 billion in 2021 according to Reuters. The potential and deployment of NFTs have impacted many industries and companies; global giants like Adidas, Nike, McLaren, Samsung, Louis Vuitton - even HSBC are looking to enter the space.
In our short session, we will discuss what is an NFT, and how content creators can publicly authenticate their ownership, origin, and provenance of a digital asset for the first time. How various properties like transparency, tamper-proof resistance and royalties can be programmed and verified on the blockchain’s public distributed ledger.  
NFTs aren’t just limited to digital collectibles. Any tangible or intangible asset can be tokenised; from art, movies and music, to real estate. We shall discuss various upcoming trends and opportunities in 2022 and beyond. Stay tuned!

By Eddie ChouCTO , Blockchain 0101 Ltd

15 APR , 11:15 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Blockchain  #Metaverse #Finance #Economy #FraudAnalysis 
Future of Economy

Top Three Economic Trends and YOU

 What are the major economic trends going forward, and how are they going to affect us, including our career? Four distinguished professionals with diverse background and expertise are going to share their views with us. Peter Schumpeter, a brilliant economist in the twentieth century, mentioned technology and entrepreneurship being the key drivers of economic development. So, which technology warrants special attention? How are entrepreneurs faring? What about metaverse, ESG, and others? Please tune in and hear what the experts say.

Moderated by Richard Leung, Former MD of DBS & UBS China, Professor of Practice (Finance), PolyU 
with Eddie ChouCTO , Blockchain 0101 Ltd
Clarence Cheung, Global Head of Fraud Analytics Wholesale Banking, HSBC
Daniel Silver
Architect Co-Founder, CEO & Creative Director, CITISPIRE
Anna Wong
, Programme Director & Professor of Practice in Finance, HKU

15 APR , 12:25  (GMT+8) - LIVE

#SpaceTrave #SpaceTourism
Future of Work

Why Every Executive Must Understand Cloud?

Business needs and requirements are changing at an unprecedented pace. It naturally follows that the way in which organizations satisfy those new demands must change as well. Old approaches simply can't keep up. The cloud is central to this. In this session we are going to go into why every executive must understand cloud; and therefore every fresh graduate, regardless of their background and discipline of study, must too.

By Perkins HoSenior BD Manager, AWS Business Development, HK/Taiwan

15 APR , 12:50  (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Life #Career #Motivation
Future of Work

Act to Manifest

Kevin and Aaron met and bonded back in 2015. According to studies, most of our life defining moments happen before the age of 35. For some people, it’s sickness, losing their love one. For Kevin and Aaron, they both had a different life altering experience. For Kevin, it was a never-ending fire which involved two lives whereas for Aaron it was a near-death experience with his first new-born. During those dark times, both speakers reflected on their life and asked their own existential questions. They both live a very different life now.

By Aaron PangDigital Advisor, Microsoft