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Future in YOU 2022

Let’s shape our Future together! Join Future in YOU 2022 - Virtual Summit & Career Expo!
This is a top and fun Asian Future Virtual Summit and Career Expo, incorporating:

  • 30+ Leaders from Corporates to share their Industrial Insights
  • 40+ Interactive Sessions with 60+ Leading Corporates
  • Be one of the 3000+ Future Talents to explore Global Opportunities
  • 5+ Interesting Online Challenges (Hackathons) with 100+ Challenging Job Offers

Unleash Your Future Possibilities With Us!

Meet the 30+ Industry Leading Speakers & Professional Trainers 

  We understand ...

HITTING US HARD... The horrendous pandemic affecting a shift in global economy

Year 2021-2022 has been a challenging period for most people.
COVID-19, New norm, Economy shifted, Remote working, Technology diversity, Metaverse ...
& all these new things we have to face in a short time.

No matter if you have just graduated or been a working professional for 10+ years ,
we are all facing an unsure future. 

The FUTURE in YOU 2022 is here to create unique moments
 for industries , talents & leaders in meeting, shaping, matching and co-creating a better future for all.

Join us in this regional online event. 
Unlock the possibilities of your life career beyond what you can imagine. 

Together we shape our future ! 


you get in ONE event, 
for your brighter future ahead in 2022 !

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April 15-16 , 2022
Only This Easter!

Job Offers

Expose talent's competence to corporates: Companies may employ potential talents through virtual booths, networking, hackathons, and SandBox.


You will having Certificates and other rewards from workshops and challenging hackathons in recognition of your comprehension.

Latest Industries Insights

We feature a series of interactive workshops and forum led by our professional trainers and speakers.

Experience on SandBox

At our SandBox, we have corporations provide a variety of screening assessments. You can try them on to learn about the requirements of various professions in various industries.
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 6 significant themes that shape your future

#1 Future of Sustainable World

  • Impact
  • Sustainability
  • ESG & SDG-17

#2 Future of

  • Individual Purpose
  • Self-development
  • Motivation
  • Mindfulness

#3 Future of

  • HR remote assessment
  • Remote Working
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Well-being at Work
  • New normal

#4 Future of
Digital World 

  • E-commerce
  • AI & Big Data
  • Metaverse
  • AR/VR
  • Tech Innovations & Disruptions

#5 Future of

  • Emerging Markets
  • Start-ups & Unicorns
  • Strategy & Disruptions
  • Agile Development 

#6 Future of

  • Economy Crisis
  • Blockchain
  • Fintech & Digital currency
  • Venture Capital
  • New Space Economy
  • Circular Economy
Live sessions for everyone

Program Rundown (Playback)

Day 1 Forum
Day 2 Forum

15 APR , 9:20 (GMT+8) 

#Future #YOU #Inspiration #Leadership
Future of Asia

Opening Keynote : The Future And YOU

An Opening Keynote of the Day presented by the chairman of OASA, one of the event co-organiser. An inspirational session about the Future to kickstart the day.

By Dr.Gregg LiExecutive Chairs, OASA

15 APR , 9:40 (GMT+8) 

#Future #YOU #Inspiration #Leadership
Future of Asia

Opening Keynote: Construct your Metaverse with Alibaba Cloud

By Junxin WeiSeniro Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence 
with James Gim, GM , Unlock Design International Sdn Bhd

15 APR , 10:05 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#SpaceTrave #SpaceTourism
Future of Economy

Consumer Perceptions of Space Travel 

Have you ever imagined reaching for the stars, space walking on the moon watching the Earth rising? Although space travel sounds futuristic, it is turning into reality. Space tourism hit an important milestone in 2021 summer when Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX all sent their first batch of tourists to space. It marked the beginning of commercialised spaceflight and the dawn of space tourism that will contribute to over $1 trillion by 2040 for the global space industry (MorganStanley 2020). In this talk, I will share some initial findings about how consumers react to space travel across cultures.

By Prof. Lisa WanAssociate Professor, CUHK

15 APR , 10:30 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Blockchain #Crypto
Future of Economy

Views, Market Trend and Future of NFTs

 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) surged across the world last year. The global sales volume of NFTs exceeded USD 25 billion in 2021 according to Reuters. The potential and deployment of NFTs have impacted many industries and companies; global giants like Adidas, Nike, McLaren, Samsung, Louis Vuitton - even HSBC are looking to enter the space.
In our short session, we will discuss what is an NFT, and how content creators can publicly authenticate their ownership, origin, and provenance of a digital asset for the first time. How various properties like transparency, tamper-proof resistance and royalties can be programmed and verified on the blockchain’s public distributed ledger.  
NFTs aren’t just limited to digital collectibles. Any tangible or intangible asset can be tokenised; from art, movies and music, to real estate. We shall discuss various upcoming trends and opportunities in 2022 and beyond. Stay tuned!

By Eddie ChouCTO , Blockchain 0101 Ltd

15 APR , 11:15 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Blockchain  #Metaverse #Finance #Economy #FraudAnalysis 
Future of Economy

Top Three Economic Trends and YOU

 What are the major economic trends going forward, and how are they going to affect us, including our career? Four distinguished professionals with diverse background and expertise are going to share their views with us. Peter Schumpeter, a brilliant economist in the twentieth century, mentioned technology and entrepreneurship being the key drivers of economic development. So, which technology warrants special attention? How are entrepreneurs faring? What about metaverse, ESG, and others? Please tune in and hear what the experts say.

Moderated by Richard Leung, Former MD of DBS & UBS China, Professor of Practice (Finance), PolyU 
with Eddie ChouCTO , Blockchain 0101 Ltd
Clarence Cheung, Global Head of Fraud Analytics Wholesale Banking, HSBC
Daniel Silver
Architect Co-Founder, CEO & Creative Director, CITISPIRE
Anna Wong
, Programme Director & Professor of Practice in Finance, HKU

15 APR , 12:25  (GMT+8) - LIVE

#SpaceTrave #SpaceTourism
Future of Work

Why Every Executive Must Understand Cloud?

Business needs and requirements are changing at an unprecedented pace. It naturally follows that the way in which organizations satisfy those new demands must change as well. Old approaches simply can't keep up. The cloud is central to this. In this session we are going to go into why every executive must understand cloud; and therefore every fresh graduate, regardless of their background and discipline of study, must too.

By Perkins HoSenior BD Manager, AWS Business Development, HK/Taiwan

15 APR , 12:50  (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Life #Career #Motivation
Future of Work

Act to Manifest

Kevin and Aaron met and bonded back in 2015. According to studies, most of our life defining moments happen before the age of 35. For some people, it’s sickness, losing their love one. For Kevin and Aaron, they both had a different life altering experience. For Kevin, it was a never-ending fire which involved two lives whereas for Aaron it was a near-death experience with his first new-born. During those dark times, both speakers reflected on their life and asked their own existential questions. They both live a very different life now.

By Aaron PangDigital Advisor, Microsoft 
with Kevin Shee , 
Founder, SC Storage

15 APR , 13:20 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Talents #Career
Future of YOU

Optimising the Talent Management through Organisational Network Analysis

Organisational Network Analysis allows the leaders to examine the community characteristics and identify champions, social hubs and influencer inside companies and organisations. It would be super effective for leading cultural transformation programme, change projects, talent management practices and knowledge sharing atmosphere.

By Don ChanCommittee Associate, Institute of Training Professionals

15 APR , 13:35 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#ESG #ClimateChange
Future of Sustainable World

Climate Change, ESG and YOU

 Young people all around the earth are crying out and even marching to say that we need to end the coal age. They are saying that we need to end the coal age, not because we don’t have enough coal, oil and gas to power the earth, but because if we don’t, then their future becomes questionable. Similarly, did we run out of stones before we moved on from the Stone Age? 
Future generations will become present day stakeholders. If we don't change the materials we use, then the future might not be a future that is sustainable for life on Earth as we know today. 

There are many well-established scientific links that tell us that for over 150 years of industrialization, along with the clearing of forests, and certain farming methods, climate change is very present. Along with this, certain cancers and illnesses have grown.
Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. Infectious diseases, food shortages, and global friction will increase. These events will trigger future families to delay or even avoid having children. Climate change catalyzes permanent changes in how we operate everything.! Some careers and businesses will no longer be able to operate as these shifts take place. So how do we plan for and position ourselves in the future ? One big answer is to get real NOW! Call to Action: we must start building and belonging to communities that think this way. Together we can push for positive change because we can no longer afford to live like we did in the past.

By Dr. Gordon ChiuFounder, Dr. Wholesome’s Academy

15 APR ,  14:00  (GMT+8) - LIVE

#ESG #Mindfulness
Future of Sustainable World

How to Implement Mindfulness as an ESG Strategy?

Today we live in a fast paced world with more corporate sustainability compliance frameworks & targets to be achieved. How can we stay sane as an individual while trying to create a positive impact. In this session, we will discuss what are the tangible benefits of mindfulness practices, the importance of team culture and how can corporates persist in implementing it as an ESG strategy beyond the paid subscription of wellness apps. Participants are welcome to share their challenges in the Open Q&A.

By Dorothy LamCo-Founder & Chief Catalyst, Dream Impact

15 APR , 14:25 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Architecture Design #Workplace
Future of Sustainable World

The Future Office and How We Want to Work?

The future of work is changing – are you ready?
As we have seen during the pandemic, remote work arrangements powered by digital technologies have created new job opportunities, given people more family time at home and different commuting options, and created new hybrid ways of working. Now, the emerging concept of the metaverse promises immersive and augmented virtual experiences that will further disrupt the workplace as we knew it.
Still, every workplace and every team needs face-to-face time to meet, discuss matters and collaborate to avoid becoming siloed. There is also the very real phenomenon of “digital exhaustion” that happens after long periods of remote work – this is not sustainable.
All these emerging realities mean that people are making new choices about how they want to work. We envisage a hybrid situation, where remote work and office work are distributed across homes, workplaces and satellite co-working spaces; with in-office workforces varying in size depending on a daily basis depending on collaboration needs.

Learn more about how these emerging concepts will change the way we work, as well as the way we design workspaces with this session.

By Bryant Lu, Chairman, Behave 

15 APR ,  14:50  (GMT+8) - LIVE

#CybersSecurity #Tech #Data
Future of Digital World

Why Future CEOs also need to be Cybersecurity Experts?

Starting from the 80s, the use of technology to support business operations has been increasing. In the future, no matter which industry, technology (whether in the form of IT, digital or data analytics) will not only be an essential part of the companies’ business operations, but also the key source competitive advantages. While it is important for the CEO to know which technologies he/she needs, it’s even more important for the CEO to manage the cybersecurity risks that these technologies will bring. Now, the cybersecurity risk is already one of the top Board agendas. With the cyber world getting more dangerous, the future CEOs will have no choice but to play an active role in managing the cybersecurity risk.

By Michael PangManaging Director, Protiviti 

15 APR , 15:15 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#AI Ethics #Technology #Strategy
Future of Digital World

The Future of AI: Building Human-centered Technology with Trust

Trust is a foundational aspect of business. Today, in societies that are increasingly connected and sometimes wary of new technologies, maintaining trust has led IBM to focus on ethical technology development, on building privacy and security into our products and services. 
Learn more about how these emerging concepts will change the way we work, as well as the way we design workspaces with this session.

By Georg OlowsonAdvocate for Trustworthy AI & Client Engineering Consultant, IBM 

15 APR , 15:40 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Design #Tech #Art
Future of Digital World

Visual Communication in the Digital Age

By Baris Gencel, Creative Excellence Director & Founder, 3R 

15 APR , 16:30 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Career #Soft-skills #NewTrends #Talents
Future of YOU

How Young Executives Prepare For an Ever-changing Future?

Careers are changing fast. So are the needs of companies. World events, COVID and global uncertainty are driving demand for a different kind of executive. What do you need to know? How should you respond? As a young executive today – how can you position yourself to make the most of opportunities to succeed in your career?

Moderated by Brian Renwick, Entrepreneur, coach and former headhunter 
with Karen Li, Regional Exec director, Lanson Place and Director of Corporate Development, Wing Tai Properties 
Joey Gan, Asia Director Global Health Business Development and Solutions, MAXIMUS

15 APR ,  17:00  (GMT+8) - LIVE

#HR #Talents
Future of Work

Trends that will Shape Work in 2022 and Beyond

The world of work has been disrupted with a slowly changing demographic and profoundly impacted by COVID-19 in the last 2 years. According to the recent studies by academic institutes, management consultants and financial institutes, their finding unanimously indicate a few major trends that will shape the future of work, including hybrid work, inclusion, HR re-skilling, shorter work weeks and well-being. In the severe war for talent, organisations have to gear up themselves to get themselves ready to attract and retain the right talents for business success. Job seekers should also get themselves familiar with the future trends to get themselves loaded with what the job market needs, in return for better pay, improved career development and job satisfaction.
In this session, we will discuss:
1. Key research study findings of trends dominating future of work in 2022 and beyond.
2. How these trends impact the future of organisations’ HR strategies, in particular building the right environment and employer brand to attract and retain talents.
3. Post COVID-19 workplace norms, such as hybrid work, engagement of slasher and giggers.
4. Actions that leaders and HR need to take to get the organisations prepared for the new normal.

By Francis MokFormer Global Head of HR, Hutchison Ports

15 APR ,  17:15  (GMT+8) - LIVE

#HR #Talents #FutreSkills #Career
Future of Work

New Mode of Talent Acquisition

Pandemic has changed the business ecosystem dramatically in the past two years. To cope with such rapid changes, HR function plays a strategic role in driving organization development.
Acquiring the right talents and elevating employee’s onboarding experience are significant for organizations to grow strategically and successfully. A lot of companies have started looking for new ways and approaches to recruit and onboard talents effectively and creatively under hybrid mode of working.
We will talk to some of the leading experts on
How has hybrid mode of work changed the way in recruiting and onboarding talents?
What are the challenges in implementing hiring strategies under the new trends?
What are the strategies and solutions for effective talent acquisition under new HR trends?
How to leverage technology in effective talent acquisition and enhancing candidate experience at hiring and onboarding process?

Moderated by Karen Fung, General Manager, InnoPreneur and FutureSkills, Hong Kong Productivity Council
with Francis MokFormer Global Head of HR, Hutchison Ports
Kaling Lee
, Ms. Kaling Lee, Director of TSS, Executive Search and Recruitment, Tricor Hong Kong
Cecilia NgFormer Regional Head of COE Corporate HR – Manulife
Thomas Wong
, Founder & CExO, Bling!

16 APR , 9:20 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#SpaceIndustry #SpaceTech #SpaceTalents
Future of Economy

The "Right Stuff" for the Future "Science" Economy

- the emerging opportunities in high tech in the GBA and the burgeoning Space Ecosystem from an OASA and tertiary education STEM focused perspective"

Talent and Opportunity in a Science and Tech, commercial and state based ecosystem.
In an emerging post Covid World different work realities confront a new future. This will be more connected in some ways disconnected in others and paradoxically we may be both remote and close to each other at the same time. However, success will still depend on Talent. Finding the “right stuff” to make a positive difference in a complex, technology dominated, interdependent world becomes key. Using this talent wisely is also key to unlocking the opportunity door when it comes knocking. Creating, recognising and seizing coming opportunities will largely be the domain of the STEM focused, tech-savvy, agile operators who are connected to the pervasive data grid of the “Internet of things”. This is increasingly dependent on what we are doing in space. We will be operating both in sophisticated “smart-city” ecosystems ever more reliant on data in all its forms for commercial and social decision making and also across globally distributed networks of cyber connected teams who rely on that data to make decisions that affect millions of people.
Our education systems and newly developing initiatives like OASA will be conduit of the talent production line for the “right stuff” in this rapidly emerging environment but:
Can we recognize it properly?
Can we support it correctly?
Can we use it wisely?
And can we help ensure talent creates opportunity and opportunity captures talent? These issues are briefly explored here.

By Professor Quentin Parker, Director, Laboratory for Space Research, HKU

16 APR , 9:45 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Aspirations #Vision&Mission #Future
Future of YOU

Forever 21

Moderator by Dr G, this panel shall explore how young executives might remain "forever 21" - energised, flexible, and creative...while holding one's best against powerful and nasty CEOs. McKinsey Partner, Fox Chu, and Paul Lee Lik-Hang, Professor with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea join this panel to explore the new You.

Moderated by Dr Gregg Li, Executive Chair, OASA 
with Fox ChuPartner, McKinsey & Company
Lik-Hang LeeAssistant professor , KAIST & Co-founder, Avatech Innovation Limited

16 APR , 10:25 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Metaverse #Architectural Design
Future of Economy

The Thrive Metaverse

For a city to endure, its inhabitants must succeed. For the past two decades this has been increasingly difficult. On one hand, social media, streaming content, and online commerce have eaten away at the socio- economic fabric of urban living. On the other hand, the pandemic and international isolationism have cut off communities and communications. It seems the finishing blow to cities will be the Metaverse - in which people will be further segregated from each other as they participate in increasingly immersive realistic virtual reality. In this talk we will show how CITISPIRE is building a different kind of Metaverse that leverages virtual worlds to initiate, revive, and enhance those relationships, opportunities, and environments required for people to THRIVE in the real world.

By Daniel SilverArchitect Co-Founder, CEO & Creative Director, CITISPIRE

16 APR , 10:50 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#AI #Tech #Talents #Motivation
Future of YOU

Positioning in a World of Technological Change, Artificial Intelligence, and Humanity

 By 2030, AI will likely no longer be getting adopted. It will be ubiquitous in 2030 because AI will be necessary to detect life threatening diseases and even identify/protect solutions in their nascent stage. AI will be interwoven across construction, medicine, finance, and education. AI will predict weather changes and be able to map out future patterns over several periods of months. The digital collaboration with humanity is an inevitable possibility. A likely side effect is that routine jobs/repetitive tasks will be replaced by machines.

By Dr. Gordon ChiuFounder, Dr. Wholesome’s Academy

16 APR , 11:15 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Metaverse #Blockchain #NFT #Entrepreneurship
Future of YOU

Becoming Limitless in the Metaverse 

Please join hedge fund manager and MIT Entrepreneurship Program Coach Joseph Jeong for a talk about the limitless opportunities in the Metaverse and how technologies such as the Blockchain, NFTs, and online games are lifting up the underprivileged around the world. NFTs are not just silly GIFs anymore, but rather tools with limitless potential.  

By Joseph JeongCo-Founder & Metavangelist, Morfyus League 

16 APR , 13:35 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Work #Banking #Innovation #Softskills
Future of Work

Prepared for Future Compatible

We are living in changing and dynamic times, what the future holds will be very different from now. What can we do to stay relevant for tomorrow’s world? I transformed my profession from marketing to digital more than 20 years ago. At the time that no one believed experience in digital transformation would be so critical for almost every industry nowadays. I would like to share with you my personal story and hope it will inspire you to plan ahead to stay relevant for tomorrow’s world.

By Maggie YungManaging Director, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited 

16 APR , 14:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#CareerReadiness #ContinueEducation #JOBS
Future of YOU

Up for the Challenge in Preparing Graduates for Career Readiness

When asked about what universities aim for in their graduates, employability would certainly come at the top of the list.  But being employable requires more than just having the skills needed directly to perform the job, it also includes the competencies to maneuver the workplace and to see one's future in it.  University educators are generally at an early stage of embracing the notion of teaching their students about career readiness.  In this presentation, I would like to discuss three levers for change.  First, there has to be a genuine uptake of this role by teachers.  Second, the general education curriculum as well as the co-curriculum (non-formal learning) can be suitable venues for teaching about the working life.  Third, digital transformation in the workplace hastened by COVID suggests that experiential learning for exploring careers and jobs should keep pace with the change and boldly experiment with alternatives such as virtual internship and virtual work experience.  A form of learning for career readiness that is authentic and meaningful is recommended above all.

By Dr. Benjamin Chan Dean of Li Ka Shing School of Professional and Continuing Education
Hong Kong Metropolitan University

16 APR , 14:50 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Fashion #Sustainability #CircularEconomy
Future of Sustainable World

Circular Fashion

Do you know the fashion industry produces 20% of global water waste and is responsible for 10% of the global carbon emissions? Do you know that around 85% of textiles in the US are sent from factories to landfills? Today, consumers are buying more clothes than ever, and many of the clothes are just collecting dust in the closet. The fashion industry has more than doubled in the past 15 years, and it's not sustainable in its current form. I will be sharing the circular fashion trend and how my startup, Taelor, plays a part in saving the environment.

By Phoebe Tan Founder of Taelor 

16 APR , 15:15 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Decentralisation #Sustainability #Blockchain #Life Sciences #Healthcare
Future of Sustainable World

Decentralized Autonomous Organization for Sustainable Business

Life Sciences & Healthcare Industry is currently facing on drastic transformation. To survive in the rapidly changing global market, we're required to transform the Industry structure with disruptive innovation. However, a big organization exists innovator's dilemma that everyone has experienced. To induce decentralized autonomous organization, like as Blockchain can be one of the solution that optimizes professional operations for each project. In 21st Century, diversed human chemical reactions are needed based on network science to be evolved. And, such sharing economy would be the answer of sustainable business.

By Shinya Yamamoto, PhD Founder & CEO, Link & Innovation, Inc. & Founder, DICT

16 APR , 16:15 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Talents #Culture #Career #Startups
Future of YOU

The Fit Between Talent and Organisation

Nowadays, there are numerous creative hiring processes and tools dedicated to help organisations identify the right talents. And for talents, are you intentionally locating the right company that can offer you an enjoyable working experience while contributing to your career growth? What do you need to plan before starting to look for the right job? What are the main things you should pay attention to before you accept an offer? Let's make the most of a talent driven market. 

By Christy SoHead of Culture and Talent Development, EventX
with Thomas Wong, Founder & CExO of Bling!

16 APR , 16:45 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Branding #Fashion #Sustainability
Future of Sustainable World

Shape the Future with Your Brand

A brand holds the power to influence the public in what they believe in.

The choices that a brand makes every step of the way affects the customers, the community and the environment in the long run.
How do we start with the why? How we work towards a common goal? Through this presentation, get inspired by a brand that has been in HK for 69years on how they are shaping the future with their brand legacy.

By Jennifer TamDirector, Chicks HK

16 APR , 17:10 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#FamilyBusiness #Trans-generation #Entrepreneurship
Future of YOU

How Trans-generational Entrepreneurship is Key to Family Business Succession

Why is there this old Chinese saying, "Wealth never survives past three generations". In this session, we will explore if the truthiness and explore ways we can break the curse through entrepreneurship. 

Moderated by Marshall Jen, Project Director, The CUHK Centre for Family Business
Jennifer Tam, Director, Chicks HK 
& Jowie Yu, GM, Autopilot Leadership Lab

15 APRIL , 10:00-11:00am (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Happiness #Well-being #Life
Interactive workshop

Wellbeing: A Personal Investment

How would you define wellbeing?
In this session, we introduce participants to Whole Person Wellbeing - encompassing multiple elements and the importance of reshaping our wellness goals. Our aim in life should be to thrive, and not just survive. An investment in our wellbeing is a pathway to thriving in life.
We'll be looking at research and explaining why a holistic approach to wellness does a better job in contributing to individual and organizational success. We introduce participants to the elements of the S.P.I.R.E. Wellbeing Model including physical, emotional, intellectual, relational and spiritual wellbeing, while sharing tips on implementation.

By Mahesh Pamnani, Chief Happiness Officer, Inspire2Aspire Consulting

15 APRIL , 11:00-12:00pm (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Design #Innovation #Innovation #Start-up #SocialEnterprise
Interactive workshop

Design Innovation Problem Solving Methods

Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative was established in 2018 as a resource hub and focal point for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) activities to integrate, support and empower Lingnan and near-by community in utilizing innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship for a better future. In this workshop, facilitator will introduce different types of design innovation problem solving methods and how they could be used to solve the current issues in Hong Kong and even globally.

By Nicholas Ooi, Programme Manager, Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI)

15 APRIL , 12:00-13:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#ESG #Career #Youths #Impact
Interactive workshop

How corporates can incorporate ESG together with youths

Nowadays, ESG is an important concept for companies. With the heart to create a sustainable society, companies actually can think about how to include youths in the blueprint so that the future pillars can co-create a sustainable business. How can companies engage youths and what can companies expect from the engagement will be covered in the workshop.

By Kelvin LeeDirector, Enactus Hong Kong

15 APRIL , 12:50-13:50 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#VirtualPresence #Zoom #Presentation
Interactive workshop

Advance Your Career with Greater Virtual Presence

Executive Presence is your ability to inspire confidence and credibility to everyone you meet, rather it be a colleague, your Boss or even your customer. It is one of the critical attributes in accelerating your career path and work success.
As we know, Executive Presence is comprised of how you demonstrate your Confidence, Gravitas and Communicate. And yet, what happens when we are now “WFH” and our face-to-face meetings and interactions are limited to only our computer screens?
Join our very interactive workshop and immediately learn the tips and techniques of how to Advance Your Career with Greater Virtual Presence!

By Perry LamFounder & CEO , LAM Institute 

15 APRIL , 14:00-15:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#PersonalDevelopment #CareerDevelopment
Interactive workshop

Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of All Wisdom

Knowing your personality or style is an important aspect of personal effectiveness. Those who are not self-aware lack the intuitive
knowledge to regulate one’s own life. Self-awareness is a pivotal element of emotional intelligence (sometimes labelled as EQ). It is a
type of intrapersonal “intelligence” with the ability to act in your long-term best interest, consistent with your deepest values.

Individuals who lack self-awareness do not have a clue on how their behaviours are impacting others. Often, they misjudge how
others experience their behaviours which usually lead to conflicts which deplete their energy leaving them exhausted for the real task
ahead. On the other hand, those who are self-aware possess the capacity to capitalize on feedback from others and develop
themselves for the better. This workshop equips you with a basic framework of your personality allowing you to see yourself from
how others see you and facilitates a development plan to regulate your emotions.

By Amana WongFounder & CEO, Amana Learning

15 APRIL , 15:00-16:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Blockchain #Crypto
Interactive workshop

Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency 

 This course provides a general overview of Blockchain technology for a layman. Specifically designed to help you to understand how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are driving innovation and competitive advantage.

By Eddie ChouFounder , Blockchain 0101 Limited

15 APRIL , 16:00-17:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#ISO #ManagementConsultant #ProfessionalSkills 
Interactive workshop

ISO 20700 

An international standard for world-class management consultants

The workshop will introduce the ISO 20700:2017 and how it can enable management consultants to enhance the transparency and trust with their clients in consulting project engagements; leading to predictable project outcomes. Live cases will be shared by practitioners on the practical steps to be followed to achieve the desirable results.

By Daniel Chan, President , The Institute of Management Consultants Hong Kong (IMCHK)