Shinya Yamamoto, PhD

Future of Sustainable World

Founder & CEO, Link & Innovation, Inc.
Founder, DICT

Shinya Yamamoto, PhD experienced at domestic/ global CROs (Contract Research Organization), major global trading company, academic technology-driven startup company and major global consulting firm, have engaged in clinical development, regulatory, consulting, corporate planning and business development. Founded Link & Innovation, Inc. in 2018, with various business schemes such as consulting, alliance, investment, co-founding, etc. with the global partners who are located in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, etc. Currently have been participating in the technology management of digital health startups and building an innovation portfolio in globally.
Deep Intelligent Pharma Co., Ltd. was founded in Beijing, China as the world's first company of AI (artificial intelligence) engineers, in the sense that it was founded by an expert from global pharmaceutical company. The Tokyo office was established in April 2019, and actively promoting R&D process improvement proposals with a disruptive process innovation through DX (Digital Transformation) for the biopharmaceutical industry and academia, currently.
His academic and the industry activities are as follows;
- Research Fellow, Research and Development Program "Science for Science and Technology Innovation Policy", Research Institute of Science and Technology (RISTEX) (2012-2015)
- Co-Researcher, Clinical Research Center, Keio University School of Medicine (2013-2014)
- Part-Time Instructor, Hosei Business School of Innovation Management (2018-Present)
- Reference person, "Study Group for Reviewing the Japanese SBIR Program" led by the “Cabinet Office”, “Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry”, and “Small and Medium Enterprise Agency” (2019)
- Program Committee Co-Chair, DIA Cutting Edge Series (2020-Present)

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