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Discovering a job role that suits you is tough, especially in a fast-changing world filled with unanticipated catastrophes like Covid-19. Bling! is here to figure out that missing piece of your dream career (aka. Life), from now to your ideal future!

Thus, we have created  SandBoxes for you to unlock your new possible futures !

What is a SandBox ?

A SandBox is an online challenge arena for you to showcase your talents, gain industry knowledge and experience at your own pace and time. 

Each SandBox has limited seats and a closing date. There are amazing opportunities for you to solve real-world problems in different industries and gain unique project experience.

On some SandBoxes , you can demonstrate your knowledge and professional skills transferring them into solid credits in which the companies are looking for. 
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Latest SandBoxes

Certification Included ( Impact SandBox )

  • Certificate of Completion

    You will receive a certificate when you complete some of the Impact SandBox with the following requirements:
    • Demonstration of understanding on industrial knowledge
    • Submission on all answers 
  • More Rewards

    In Some SandBoxes, you will also receive certificates in which the company or the brand endorsed your participation or recognized your distinct performance. 

    • Provision of innovative insight regarding the project to handle/ Problem to solve
    • Execution of your project idea to make the potential impact
    • Creation of new model or trend for the business and community 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I apply for SandBox ?

Go to the SandBox and click the registration button to register. For screening purposes, you may be required to answer some questions. 

Q: What is the difference between applying via Bling! and other job platforms?

We provide a platform for everyone to learn and try a project to demonstrate your capability as well as a chance to understand whether you are Best Fit to the company.  
This could also help to boost the efficiency of the talents acquisition process. 
At the same time, we also open SandBox to the global talents pool to join that we foster the remote working because we believe this is a new trend of our new mode of working. Therefore, Bling is one of the Pioneers who bring all of you a new era of talents development and acquisition. 

Q: Am I eligible to apply ? 

In general, the SandBox is open to all for application regardless of your academic background. Resume (CV) is just one of the selection criteria but not the main and only one since we would like to see your competence to demonstrate your ideas and experience through presentation materials at the SandBox. Most of our Corporate customers prefer looking for those who can perform well instead of looking back on your past written experience.

Q: How can I prove my qualifications in an application of a position with a company?

We do not verify your qualification, but the company may do so if you are invited for a follow-up interview or the next phase in our learning/ project system. 

Q: How long does it take for the company to send invitations to proceed to the registered SandBox?

Typically, the company will do the evaluation based on your performance at the modules in SandBox. They will reply within 1-2 weeks after the deadline of the SandBox. You will be notified by email of any updates. 
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