AREIX Hackathon 

The Era of Robo-Assistants 

Brainstorm and propose your ideas + strategies in facilitating AREIX's TradeFi app launch.

Job/ Internship Offer

Awardees will be offered a fast track Job offer/ Internship opportunity

Crypto Airdrops

Champion: 200 USDT, 1st runner up: 75 USDT & 2nd runner up: 75 USDT

*T&C applies (the airdrop will be claimable via the AREIX app and partnered exchange wallets)

Premium Whitelist User

Invitation to enjoy the beta application of AREIX Crypto Trading App and 150 $REIX Credit AREIX TradeFi App Whitelist

Talent Searching in the FinTech Space

Write your awesome label here.

Throughout this sandbox, you'll get a chance to discover the business operation of AREIX, contribute your ideas to their app launch and even get an opportunity to join this Fintech company in the crypto space. You are required to go through:

  • Round 1 to show your understanding of the client objective and discover background information of AREIX
  • Round 2 to show your insights towards the TradeFi app launch .
  • Round 3 to demonstrate your creativity and business mindset to support the app launch
Certification included 
You will receive certification of participation of this training workshop from Bling!

What will you get from joining this Sandbox

#1 Networking

Opportunities to meet AREIX's successful talents

#2 Problem solving 

Ability to learn and practice problem-solving skills in a real-life scenario

#3 Growth-Hack

Best practice of a proper growth having strategy

#4 Trading strategy

Requirements and key attributes of a trading strategists

AREIX Analytics Limited

FinTech and IT Consulting
AREIX exists to streamline the complicated wealth management into a piece of cake, reducing overwhelming stress about wealth management commonly felt by 21st-century millennials. By leveraging machine learning capabilities in forecasting and optimisation, AREIX provides highly automated, customer-centric, and goal-oriented financial robo-assistant services, resolving the common financial problems faced by millennials.
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