Dr. Gordon Chiu

Future of Sustainable World / YOU

Founder, Dr Wholesome's Academy 

Educator, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Lecturer, Business Consultant, Husband and Father. 

Also known as a former Research Scientist at Pfizer and Merck, later invented a series of patents and collaborated with world-renowned institutions and universities in many countries. 

He is a 2x TEDx speaker most known for highlighting realization around what it takes for “Inventing Happiness”. Dr. Chiu is actively working on data analytics with Harvard Business School’s business analytics program. He has strategically combined this with Wharton Business Schools Advanced Management Program. In May 2021, he officially started the Dr.Crazy second mountain of giving healthy concepts every Wednesday through www.missingpiece.online

With his strong scientific background, he will talk about Climate Change, ESG in Future of Sustainable World, and correlation between Artificial Intelligence and Humanity in Future of YOU session.

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