Georg Olowson

Future of Digital World

IBM Advocate for Trustworthy AI | IBM Client Engineering Consultant

Georg Olowson is an IBM Advocate for Trustworthy AI and works in IBM Client Engineering with the biggest clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on technology and transformation projects. Georg previously worked with IBM strategy, consulting and digital teams. He has thorough view of the Future of AI.

Let’s hear what he wants to tell us: 
I am an optimist, strategist and a passionate dancer, striving for progress with purpose: Innovation with impact. Technology with trust. A future that is better and more inclusive for everyone. During my journey in one of the most impactful companies in the world, I have the opportunity to work and learn with and from outstanding people in the interfaces of technology, strategy, society and ethics. I firmly believe that technology can be instrumentalized to improve the lives of individuals and advance humanity.

Furthermore, I am particularly enthusiastic about the influence of technology on society and the progress of international relations. I consider it my duty to use my abilities also for progressive and social purposes. Therefore, I am committed to work with multiple NGOs and projects I believe in. I am very excited to hear from you - let's go all in and raise the bar!

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