Daniel Silver

Future of Economy

Architect Co-Founder, CEO & Creative Director

Daniel Silver is a humanist who believes knowledge and power come from people and from the environments in which they live. To this end, he has been on a lifelong quest to orchestrate design, science, technology, and the arts to create thriving cultures both online and off.
Daniel was of the first generation lucky enough to grow up in the fledgling city of Columbia, Maryland.   It was planned according to a straightforward criterion - to succeed a city must produce successful people, and from childhood Daniel experienced how visionary planning shaped people’s values and nurtured communities.  In college, Daniel studied the historical relationships between urban design, architecture, art and culture, and for his Master’s in Architecture at Rice University he applied natural principles of growth and change to create a holistic approach to planning and structural solutions at vastly diverse scales. 
Over the past two and a half decades, Daniel taught at Pratt Institute and lectured throughout Asia the US and Europe on Design Science, Smart City Cybernetics, Innovation through Blockchain, and Thrive Metaverse.  In practice, Daniel has designed urban renewal solutions in Guizhou, Liaoning, and Yunnan that fulfilled requirements for urbanization while preserving and celebrating indigenous culture.  In designing, Daniel creates compelling narratives that unite local history and innovative programming to create inspiring places that elevate the existing context. 
In 2016 Daniel cofounded CITISPIRE, LLC to elevate culture and inspire people through humanistic design and democratized technology.  The Envision Campus, Thrive Village, Chakra Gaming Resort, and SKY Earth Metropolis represent a handful of ideal-driven projects designed to foster a variety of vibrant, environmentally sustainable, and economically viable communities.  To cultivate Thrive Culture first hand, Daniel launched CITISPIRE Studios, in 2019. The studios provide for innovation through the arts programs, special events, recitals, professional recordings, art shows, and design work.  Its digital twin exists in the CITISPIRE Metaverse for local and global participation.  

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