Joseph Jeong

Future of YOU

Co-Founder & Metavangelist, Morfyus League 

Joseph is a Wall Street veteran, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Mentor, Educator and father of 2. He served as Advisor and Mentor at the X-Lab in China's top university, Tsinghua, also mentor and resident Fintech expert at Chinaccelerator & OYA Opportunities. Joseph received his Entrepreneurship Teaching Certificate from MIT, Leadership training from Hive and Exponential Technologies training from Singularity University. He has given lectures on the topics of entrepreneurship, the future of education and FinTech at many of the top universities.
From the alleyways of China, to the streets of NY, Joseph immigrated to the United States from China with nothing. He has found his passion in investing and trading at early ages. He went on to teach himself the art of investing and got his first internship at a brokerage at age 17. He graduated UCLA and went on to have a successful career at UBS, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. He also helped co-found a successful Asian hedge fund and co-founded an institutional brokerage in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis. Joseph is sentient of innovation, technology and investment opportunities, and dedicated to helping people find their passions, and help kindle their brilliant entrepreneurial minds through and his education startup The Forum has invited him to share with us the limitless opportunities in the Metaverse and how technologies such as the Blockchain, NFTs, and online games are lifting up the underprivileged around the world, in the Future of YOU session.

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