Turn fashion into a sustainable lifestyle

Sustainability is significantly important for fashion businesses due to consumers’ increasing awareness of the environment. When a fashion company aims to promote sustainability, the main linkage is to develop a sustainable supply chain.
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Turn fashion into a sustainable lifestyle

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Throughout this sandbox, you'll get a chance to discover ways for Chicks to adopt sustainability into their business model as well as where their focus area should be in order to make significant changes. You are required to go through:
  • Round 1 to show your understanding of the pain points for the adoption of sustainability into Chicks's business model.
  • Round 2 to show your insights towards the business transformation .
  • Round 3 to demonstrate your business mindset to co-create a trendy and new business model.
Certification included 
You will receive certification of participation of this training workshop from Bling!
The Flow Of The Sandbox
Round 1
To show your understanding of the pain points for Chicks.

Round 2
To understand the business model and input your opinion and ideas.
round 3
To propose the project to the management team and promote synergy on business.
Here are what you will get from joining the SandBox

Getting your hands dirty and start tacking real-life problem

Demonstrate your critical thinking skills to potential employers

More to list!
1. Initiating a start for businesses to focus on ESG
2. Bringing more values to corporates, community and society.

Chicks LifeStyle

Chicks began since 1930s by offering local people better clothes to wear and putting food on the tables of workers and suppliers.
The brand’s original logo featured three little chicks signifying contentment, leisure-ness and entrepreneurship.
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