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Dream Impact is hiring Marketing Growth Lead in this SandBox! Take the challenge in this SandBox to land your dream job. 

Roles opening 

Hong Kong

Marketing Growth Lead

Working Experience
4-5 years

Hong Kong

Partnership & Engagement Lead

Working Experience
1-3 year

Hong Kong

Ecosystem Builder (Talents)

Working Experience
4-5 years

Hong Kong

Ecosystem Builder (Impact Themes)

Working Experience
6-10+ years

Hong Kong

Ecosystem Builder (Impact Measurement)

Working Experience
4-5 years

Hong Kong

Ecosystem Builder (Data science & automation)

Working Experience
1-3 years

Dream Impact

Social Innovation & Impact Investment

Future of Career

We are hiring !

Dream Impact is Hong Kong's largest network of social enterpriese and impact ventures, building and growing Hong Kong's impact ecosystem. We are the impact community where empathetic, ambitious and action-driven individuals, businesses and community partners come together to scale and deepen social impact through their work, advocacy, bridging of resources and strategic partnerships. We provide professional social innovation support services, co-working and event 
Talents we are looking for :

  • Marketing Growth Lead
  • Partnership & Engagement Lead
  • Ecosystem Builder (Talents)
  • Ecosystem Builder (Impact Themes)
  • Ecosystem Builder (Impact Measurement)
  • Ecosystem Builder (Data science & automation)

*For candidates interested in applying the role of Marketing Growth Lead, please complete the Sandbox here.

**For candidates interested in applying the roles of Partnership & Engagement Lead, Ecosystem Builder (Talents), Ecosystem Builder (Impact Themes), Ecosystem Builder (Impact Measurement), Ecosystem Builder (Data science & automation), please send your resume and cover letter to career@dreamimpacthk.com

Company highlight

(11-20 people)
Social Innovation & Impact Investment
Hong Kong
Introduction of DREAM IMPACT

Let's start your journey at Dream Impact

Join us to grow the most vibrant network of social enterprises & impact ventures in Hong Kong. You will join a team to connect socially-minded entrepreneurs with resources,

BENEFITS of working in Dream Impact

Fast-paced startup

Entrepreneurial, fast-paced start-up environment focused on purpose-driven organizations and project

Idea Bank

Exposure to a wide range of social solutions and innovations

Network of Social ventures

Opportunity to meet and connect with change-makers from social enterprises & impact ventures in Hong Kong

Mission Oriented

Agile and high-growth team with impact-driven missions and passionate individuals

Flexible working style

Flexibility in creating your own projects and portfolios according to area of focus and expertise

Impact to society

Directly impact society by implementing social projects from grassroots organizations to multinational corporations
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