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Explore ways to effectively support tertiary students in making the best use of their summer holiday time during pandemic.

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Home for True Happiness

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Throughout this sandbox, you'll get a chance to discover the business operation of Cloverland, contribute your ideas on how to improve tertiary students' productivity during summer holiday. You are required to go through:
Round 1 to show your understanding of the client objective and discover background information of Cloverland
Round 2 to show your insights towards the way tertiary students spent their time during summer holiday.
Round 3 to demonstrate your creativity to bring up fun and insightful ideas
Certification included 
You will receive certification of participation of this training workshop from Bling!

Through this Sandbox, candidates are able to gain a better sense of challenges faced by young adults, what's stopping them from achieving more.


Education - Life Coaching Industry
Cloverland is the Home for True Happiness, a coaching school dedicated to empower & enable more people to live a purposeful & fulfilling life. We believe happiness is for everyone, we provide simple yet highly effective coaching solutions for the public, academic institutions and corporations. 

Company webpage: https://www.cloverland.co
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