Andrew Li

Future of YOU

Founder, Big Grains Limited & Crafted Robotics

Andrew is the founder of Big Grains, an artisan bakery that produces a wide range of high quality breads, pastries and confectionery. Big Grains emphasizes in making additive-free product with the ultimate mission of making them easily accessible to the public. 

With the F&B industry faces serious manpower shortage, Andrew decided to look for an alternative, in which he founded Crafted Robotics, an early staged company that uses robot to mimic the finesse of a baker during bread shaping.

Before devoting his work at Big Grains, Andrew studied at UC Davis, which gave him a keen interest for food science & food manufacturing. He is also very passionate about aquaponics and holds a certification in Commercial Aquaponics (with Applied Permaculture). His multiple roles brings up his impactful speech on exploring “What matters to you?” In the Future of Work session.

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