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Make A Conscious Choice

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Make A Conscious Choice

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  • Facilitator : Hiroky Nakaya & Mami McGuinness 
  • Workshop time: 60 mins
  • Cost : Free

Building your career is a long way to go. There is no shortcut. There is no manual. What it takes in your career is more than your resume. What it gets in your career is more than your imagination. We will show a video interview in this workshop, and you will learn what it expects in your career ahead.
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Event Workshop Playback

15th APRIL , 17:00-18:00 (GMT+8) 

This live workshop is in first-come-first serve basis. Please register your seat in order to get your place & certification. 

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Certification included
You will receive certification of participation of this training workshop from Bling!

Hiroky Nakaya

Managing Director, Krayon, Inc. 
Hiroky has helped base two roles in marketing and PR for global brands, startups, corporates, and art organisations in the UK, Italy, Mexico, and Japan. He has more than 20+ years of experience in growing brand marketing in 19 countries and has produced 90 shows and events in Europe and Asia.
He is a Managing Director of Krayon, Inc. Tokyo. The company helps global brands to start a business and thrive in the Japanese market by providing brand-building services.

He is engaged in helping young talents in careers with his mission.

Mami McGuinness

Founder/Director , The 21ST CENTURY CREATIVE LTD
Mami McGuinness is a life coach and editor/writer. She is a Co-Founder/Director of THE 21ST CENTURY CREATIVE LTD. based in the UK. She is a 'Beyond' coach, helping her clients with mindset, motivation and resilience, creativity, communication skills, sales, marketing and business development. In her 28 years as an editor, she has collaborated with many high achievers and celebrities – as a coach she uses that experience and knowledge to support high performers to face their true selves and take on further challenges. She creates a safe and secure place where people can take off their armour and talk about things they can't usually talk about and find clarity about their way forward.
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