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Life Passport™️

A passport that unlocks your opportunities of life
your life passport

Life Passport™️

A Passport that leads much more possibilities of your life !

Brand new features over traditional resumes

Understand your Character

Discover the Major and Minor roles to unleash your talents.

Build personal branding

Act as a personal portfolio with details.

Enhance Growth Mindset

Understand your own growth opportunities and lead to higher version of yourself.

Foster career development

Let potential employers understand your personality more to match with team culture.

Showcase more dimensions of yourself

Describe more about your characters, missions and projects or experiences.

Gain more opportunities

Expose to more other opportunities, like partnership and investment on projects
Lesson series

A Passport that leads you to higher version of yourself !

Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional. Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one. The skills you need to become a real professional. Thrive in your career.
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You can use it as

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Resume for Job seeking

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Attachment in cover letter

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Building Personal Branding

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Looking for partners

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A key to unlock opportunities

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Career planning

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A gift for yourself

Who should apply for ?

Anyone who wants to unlock the potential of your resting life possibilities

Major/ Minor Roles

Understand your ideal roles in life better can unleash your superpower in every suitations.  

Your Hidden Talents

Everyone got the talents. It is whether you know it or not

Discover all in 
one passport !

Detail Descriptions

With detail explaining  and description of the tendency of your personality. 

Learning Opportunities

Knowing the opportunities of learning can lead you to higher version of yourself. 

Discover your Major & Minor roles in life !

How to apply for the Life Passport™️ ?

3 steps to build your passport in 20 minutes

1. Enrol into this Sandbox 

A email will be sent to you to access a special portal for LifePassport™️ creation

2. Online Personality assestment 

We have a few set of scenario questions to ask you, it takes you around 15 - 20 mins. It can be done online by yourself. 

3. Generation of your LifePassport™️

You will be receiving your result and passport after completing all the questions. 

4. Addition above CV & personal card

You will have a digital version of your resume and a personal business card provided with your LifePassport™️ result displayed on it. You can freely edit it , download it or share it for your own use.
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