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Students are the recipients and the reasons why OASA exists. Many programs and activities at  OASA are designed primarily for an audience of novice explorers in mind. We provide a platform to accelerate the development of young global leaders through exploring designed journeys and wicked challenges with the arrival of the NewSpace Economy.
Do you want to be an "Astropreneur" who creates an impact on the world? Start your journey with OASA now.
As membership annual waiver is limited, applicants seeking to apply for this wavier would need to take a series of short tests. Bling!, one of our partners, has designed a few fun challenges for you.
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What does it mean to be a “Student” member of OASA?

Benefits of Joining OASA Student membership
  • Be connected to a vast and growing network
    Connect into this growing space ecosystem with other bright students, experienced engineers, leading academics, fellow entrepreneurs,  business angels, venture capitalists, and stakeholders worldwide, by actively attending special training, webinars and workshops by OASA mentors.

    OASA network includes maker-spaces and even Metaverse Labs with some of our supporting organizations. As a member of the Academy, you would qualify for certain level of discount at these organizations, subject to their restrictions of course. 

  • Get involved and make a difference
    Learn how to create and contribute by engaging, that is, starting a new or joining a Special Action Group(SAG) to explore fascinating questions for OASA and even learn to solve wicked problems for a better world. These SAGs are ways for you to contribute with others outside your immediate location. 

  • Embark on a space mission on earth and grow your competence towards the New Space Economy
    Chance to participate in corporate challenges and access opportunities to fine-tune and hone your leadership and project management skills. For instance, engage as a student intern in the Young Marco Polo Programme or as mentors to students from secondary schools in Hong Kong's CubeSat Construction Programmes called BEST at HKU, or by get on a journey to Mission StarGate.

OASA's Founding Chairman

***OASA will set aside and sponsor the annual fee for a student member, for every new individual adult paid membership. Nevertheless…

“Space is for everybody, but OASA, is for a select few. This Academy
accepts only the courageous, grounded, and broad minded creators of new businesses… the true explorers who can help push and define our
NewSpace economy.” 
Dr. Gregg Li
 Founding Chairman
We welcome young talents from all disciplines with different backgrounds. Students who have an "astropreneurial" mindset, sense the arrival of the NewSpace Economy, and are eager to equip themselves  with the right set of competencies are the types of members we want. We want explorers who are bold enough to explore the wonders of entrepreneurship in the Space economy with OASA.

Join Us and Let's go through the journey together!
Still hesitating? Learn more about OASA supporting partners and past events!


Space Education
About OASA
The Orion Astropreneur Space Academy in Hong Kong is an independent, non-political, and not-for-profit action-oriented leadership development academy for global young leaders with stellar and outer space aspirations. The Academy is a member of the global leadership development initiatives with other space on-boarding and off-boarding institutions such as the Laboratory for Space Research at the University of Hong Kong, and other forward-looking and space-related institutions and world-class educators who believe together we can connect, contribute, and make a meaningful contribution through active transformation.

Company Spotlight

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Space Education
Hong Kong 

Core values and impact

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Space is all around us. It is the true “Nature.” With the right technology we can sense a new universe and in this new universe. Sustainable businesses are not purely about technology, but technologies for the right markets and being led by the right talents with a foundation in digital understanding. Without data, and data downlink from space, our city cannot be a Smart City.

How do we make Hong Kong a Space Portal by 2030?
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Studies have shown that when we work together, journey together, and solve challenging problems together, our sense of wellbeing becomes much more positive. If nothing else, working together to create a better future world, on new fun projects that will stretch our minds and educate our youths, is certainly worth doing. We want to see the best use of space for humanity, and not for any single nation or state.
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We work with companies to redefine their new markets, coach and mentor their young talents, help secure their sponsors, ground their ESG, and begin the journey of exploration. We work with them to improve their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), encouraging these businesses to build and deliver products and services that truly create more joy in people's lives. Our intent is not to cause harm. We do not want these businesses to cause harm -- to the environment, to their customers, or to their staff, and definitely not to Space Ship Earth.

3 Space Missions in Our First Three Years

SPACE “XCCELERATORS” - Building CubeSats (BY 2021) (DONE)

Accelerating the development of young leaders, through action-learning new and innovative
programs like CubeSat Construction programmes from kindergarten to secondary  schools (See OASA's BEST and Mission StarGate Programme.)
Launching Mission Moonshot 
Challenges and Establishing New OASA Chapters (BY 2022)

Sparking digital transformation for enterprises with young entrepreneurs through the Mission Moonshot Challenges of the SMEs. These young Marco Polo's shall be guided by OASA's Global Mentors.
To house these projects, young leaders shall be setting up OASA Chapters at pilot educational Institutions.
Establishing a Moonbase on the Metaverse (BY 2023)

 By 2025, mankind is expected to see at least five moon-bases on the lunar surface. Are we ready? Can Hong Kong at least create one in Metaverse and demoncratize space for everyone?


Our working Culture

Fun, challenging, and impactful in everything we do! 


Walk the talk. Or, be seated. 
OASA interns

Listen to our interns say

My 2021 OASA summer internship was a spectacular experience to say the least. Very rare would you find in summer internships the extensive roles and learning opportunities as OASA. Working among a team of industry-experienced mentors and inclusive team members, I had the opportunity to touch, learn, and explore upon different fields, ranging from research to marketing and more. In addition, many of my highlights of the experience are through the countless external engagement opportunities throughout the program, following the team to different organisations and public occasions.
Justin YAM, UBC Vancouver 
My role started off as a business intern and ended as a membership executive. One of my key tasks was to develop a marketing campaign to help recruit members. I was able to apply many of the skills that I’ve learnt into the workplace. This included my communication and time management skills in particular as I worked very closely under the directives of the management board.
SEan Leung, NewCastle UK
My internship with OASA gave me great hands-on experience as well as a much better understanding of which skill sets and areas of knowledge I should work on to prepare myself for the competitive workplace.
Xenia Tsing, PolyU, HK

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