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The Benefits of Owning Bling NFT Souvenirs (Beta)

You will get the following benefits if you keep the Bling! NFT in your account wallet:
  • Entitled to a chance to win a gift though AirDrop on Lucky Draw at Future In YOU virtual summit and career expo Day 1 & Day 2
  • Enjoy a 50% Mega Discount on Bling! membership when our membership package launches (It will be launched in Q4 2022)
  • More benefits on new product launches and events are on the way


To explore more NFT souvenirs & collect them all which are now available throughout Future In YOU 2022 virtual summit and career expo! Join the workshops that you are interested!

Be fast! They are limited!


To get the Diamond NFT, you must be one of the first 1000 participants to register for the 'Future in YOU 2022' event & check in on the event day! 
Only 1000 Diamond NFTs will be available


Login to the event on Day 1 and look for the redemption link to acquire the Sapphire NFT

Only 300 Sapphire NFTs will be available


NFT holders are entitled to the chance of AirDrop for grand prizes that comes with Apple, Netflix, Amazon products and so on!


Login to the event on Day 2 and look for the redemption link to acquire the Emerald NFT.
Only 300 Emerald NFTs will be available


Attend any of the workshops and complete it to get the Ruby NFT.
Only 300 Ruby NFTs will be available


Users may acquire their NFT Souvenirs for FREE. Bling! will cover the gas fee for NFT holders.

Amazing Offers Awaiting YOU!

A complete registration gives you the chance to collect NFTs & open up a world of possibilities.
  • NFTs Souvenir !

    Only issued to registered and attended event participants. Everything is on a first-come, first-serve basis!
    • 1000 Diamond NFTs ( Exclusively issue to the FIRST 1000 participants who registered attended the event)
    • 300 Ruby NFTs (Claim it upon completing any of the listed workshops)
    • 300 Sapphire NFTs (Claim it on the 1st day of the event )
    • 300 Emerald NFT (Claim it on the 2nd day of the event)
  • Lucky Draw !

    • NFTs souvenir holders will be entitled to random AirDrop of Big Prizes from Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and more.

    • List of AirDrop prizes in total:

    USD $100 Apple Product
    Gift Card  x 2 pcs
    USD $100 Amazon Gift Card  x 2 pcs
    Netflix Gift Card x 4 pcs
    and more ... 

    • The prizes will be randomly AirDropped to NFT holders after each Day of the event.
    • Diamond NFT holders get 1 chance of entry onto the AirDrop list.
    • Ruby + Emerald + Sapphire NFT collection holders get 1 chance onto the AirDrop list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bling! NFT Souvenir ? 

Bling! NFT Souvenir is a valuable asset created by Bling as a non-interchangeable unit for future talents and fellow participants to take use of all the interactive programs offered throughout Future in YOU 2022. All holders of Bling NFT Souvenir is eligible for exclusive offers and perks from the Bling platform. As long as you hold those NFT, you can keep enjoy those benefits offered by Bling! 

How can I use the NFT ? 

Holding the NFT in the Bling platform instantly entitles you all the privileges that come with it.  As long as you hold those NFT in your Bling! account without withdrawal, you can keep enjoy those benefits offered by Bling! 

Where I can see my NFT ?

Once you have signed up Bling! account and gained access to Future in YOU 2022, you can redeem your NFT which will be directly stored in your wallet at your Bling! account.

Why is my NFT not loading or taking so long to load ?

Since the NFT souvenir is in Beta, it may take some time to generate the NFT. When loading, please stay on the same page. Thank you for your support in developing with us a better version in near future. 

Can I give my NFT to others ?

Once retrieved, the NFT will be officially yours, and you will be able to retain or withdraw it from the Bling! Wallet.

Is there a fee (gas fee) associated with my NFT?

There is no charge (no gas fee) to earn an NFT souvenir here. We have reimbursed the gas fee for you.

Can I withdraw my NFT from my internal Wallet ?

Yes, you may withdraw NFT using Phantom wallet, but you will lose the benefits of being an NFT holder on the Bling! platform. 
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