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15 APRIL , 10:00-11:00am (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Happiness #Well-being #Life
Interactive workshop

Wellbeing: A Personal Investment

How would you define wellbeing?
In this session, we introduce participants to Whole Person Wellbeing - encompassing multiple elements and the importance of reshaping our wellness goals. Our aim in life should be to thrive, and not just survive. An investment in our wellbeing is a pathway to thriving in life.
We'll be looking at research and explaining why a holistic approach to wellness does a better job in contributing to individual and organizational success. We introduce participants to the elements of the S.P.I.R.E. Wellbeing Model including physical, emotional, intellectual, relational and spiritual wellbeing, while sharing tips on implementation.

By Mahesh Pamnani, Chief Happiness Officer, Inspire2Aspire Consulting

15 APRIL , 11:00-12:00pm (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Design #Innovation #Innovation #Start-up #SocialEnterprise
Interactive workshop

Design Innovation Problem Solving Methods

Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative was established in 2018 as a resource hub and focal point for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) activities to integrate, support and empower Lingnan and near-by community in utilizing innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship for a better future. In this workshop, facilitator will introduce different types of design innovation problem solving methods and how they could be used to solve the current issues in Hong Kong and even globally.

By Nicholas Ooi, Programme Manager, Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI)

15 APRIL , 12:00-13:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#ESG #Career #Youths #Impact
Interactive workshop

How corporates can incorporate ESG together with youths

Nowadays, ESG is an important concept for companies. With the heart to create a sustainable society, companies actually can think about how to include youths in the blueprint so that the future pillars can co-create a sustainable business. How can companies engage youths and what can companies expect from the engagement will be covered in the workshop.

By Kelvin LeeDirector, Enactus Hong Kong

15 APRIL , 12:50-13:50 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#VirtualPresence #Zoom #Presentation
Interactive workshop

Advance Your Career with Greater Virtual Presence

Executive Presence is your ability to inspire confidence and credibility to everyone you meet, rather it be a colleague, your Boss or even your customer. It is one of the critical attributes in accelerating your career path and work success.
As we know, Executive Presence is comprised of how you demonstrate your Confidence, Gravitas and Communicate. And yet, what happens when we are now “WFH” and our face-to-face meetings and interactions are limited to only our computer screens?
Join our very interactive workshop and immediately learn the tips and techniques of how to Advance Your Career with Greater Virtual Presence!

By Perry LamFounder & CEO , LAM Institute 

15 APRIL , 14:00-15:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#PersonalDevelopment #CareerDevelopment
Interactive workshop

Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of All Wisdom

Knowing your personality or style is an important aspect of personal effectiveness. Those who are not self-aware lack the intuitive
knowledge to regulate one’s own life. Self-awareness is a pivotal element of emotional intelligence (sometimes labelled as EQ). It is a
type of intrapersonal “intelligence” with the ability to act in your long-term best interest, consistent with your deepest values.

Individuals who lack self-awareness do not have a clue on how their behaviours are impacting others. Often, they misjudge how
others experience their behaviours which usually lead to conflicts which deplete their energy leaving them exhausted for the real task
ahead. On the other hand, those who are self-aware possess the capacity to capitalize on feedback from others and develop
themselves for the better. This workshop equips you with a basic framework of your personality allowing you to see yourself from
how others see you and facilitates a development plan to regulate your emotions.

By Amana WongFounder & CEO, Amana Learning

15 APRIL , 15:00-16:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Blockchain #Crypto
Interactive workshop

Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency 

 This course provides a general overview of Blockchain technology for a layman. Specifically designed to help you to understand how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are driving innovation and competitive advantage.

By Eddie ChouFounder , Blockchain 0101 Limited

15 APRIL , 16:00-17:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#ISO #ManagementConsultant #ProfessionalSkills 
Interactive workshop

ISO 20700 

An international standard for world-class management consultants

The workshop will introduce the ISO 20700:2017 and how it can enable management consultants to enhance the transparency and trust with their clients in consulting project engagements; leading to predictable project outcomes. Live cases will be shared by practitioners on the practical steps to be followed to achieve the desirable results.

By Daniel Chan, President , The Institute of Management Consultants Hong Kong (IMCHK)

15 APRIL , 17:00-18:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Career #DecisionMaketing #Coaching
Interactive workshop

Make A Conscious Choice

 Building your career is a long way to go. There is no shortcut. There is no manual. What it takes in your career is more than your resume. What it gets in your career is more than your imagination. We will show a video interview in this workshop, and you will learn what it expects in your career ahead.

By Hiroky NakayaManaging Director , Krayon, Inc
& Mami McGuinness
, Founder/Director , The 21ST CENTURY CREATIVE LTD

16 APRIL , 10:00-11:00am (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Diversity #Inclusion #Well-being
Interactive workshop

Combating Unconscious Bias

Whilst leveraging existing diversity, there is a need to address possible issues relating to equality and inclusion. Unconscious biases are often the root causes to many of the challenges of diverse teams. They can hinder any organization from reaching the next phase of the DE&I journey. In this workshop, we will discuss specific examples of bias, brainstorm solutions together and learn research-backed recommendations for what we can do together. This can reinforce key learnings and put them into practise in our daily work lives.

By Lena WongCo-founder, Womentors Limited

16 APRIL , 11:00-12:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Design thinking #Innovation #Transformation
Interactive workshop

Creating Innovative Advantage and Wow Transformation through Design Thinking

Design thinking is a proven, human-centered approach to solving problem and creating breakthrough innovations, adopted by companies around the world. In this 60-minute interactive session, participants will get familiar with the core values and basic steps of design thinking. Success stories sharing will help participants understanding how and why it’s is important to immerse into the lives of the users to understand their pain point and unmet needs.  

By Jimmy WanDesignThinkers™ Certified Design Thinking Facilitator, JW Consulting Company

16 APRIL , 13:00-14:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Individual Purpose #Self-development
Interactive workshop

How to Discover Your Talents to Fast-track Your Career

Do you want to stand out from the crowd without being hypocritical? You can make it possible by shining out your talents, charisma, and personal aspirations. In this 1 hour workshop, our guest trainer Fenix Lam will work with you to discover your talents together, and more importantly how you can apply them into your career.

By Fenix LamChairman , Cloverland - Academy of True Happiness

16 APRIL , 14:00-15:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Personal Development #Career Development
Interactive workshop

Finding the Right MAP for your Career Path!

Discover the first step to a successful career based on your interest and preference.

The average career life nowadays is around 40 years (25-65 years old). If you have 80 years to live, your career life takes up half of your life!
So, a career decision is NOT a decision that you should take lightly. But what can you do to make sure that your career decision is right?
Let's find out!

In this workshop, you will be introduced to tools which can help you reflect on your career motivation, so that this BIG decision is right at your hands!

By Raymond ChungPersonal Discovery Trainer , Focus on yourself

16 APRIL , 15:00-16:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#DataAnalytics #Python #Programming
Interactive workshop

Introduction to Data Analytics with Python

Python is an important tool widely used by data analysts in many organisations. It enables data analysts to complete their tasks faster and more efficiently. Join us in this workshop where we go through an introduction to data analytics and a short hands on session!
Content breakdown:
Introduction to Data Analytics
Data Analytics Use Case
Mini hands on with python

By Lai Shumin , Data Scientist, Smartcademy

16 APRIL , 16:00-17:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Coding #Education #STEM
Interactive workshop

Digital Literacy and Coding Super Power in You -

Create your own Wordle!

The Hour of Code HK initiative was launched by a group of passionate volunteers, parents, and students in 2014, and we offer free, non-profit, F2F and online workshops to the Hong Kong general public to raise the awareness of HK citizens about computational thinking and coding. In this 1-hr workshop, we will use the popular coding
language, Python, coding platform, Replit, and coding repository, Github, to create a complete coding project. This lesson will be moderated by Dr. Ray, PhD in Imperial College London in Computing, and instructed by Kingsley, Grade 4, Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division, Gold Awardee in the HK International Computational Olympiad
in 2020.
Our goals are:
1) Everyone Can Code: Promote Citywide free coding lessons to citizens of all ages, all genders, and all walks of life in Hong Kong; 
2) Learn from each other: Connect people who want to learn coding and people who want to teach coding in Hong Kong;
3) Train the Trainer: experienced Hour of Code HK volunteers can become teaching assistants or lesson instructors who can teach other students;
4) Enhancing Parent-child harmony: Parents and children can develop new coding skills and learn technology together, in order to increase mutual communication.
We welcome everyone at all age who is interested to learn the 3rd global language in the future to join our session.

By Mr. Kingsley Cheng ,Primary 4 Student, aged 10, from DBSPD
with Dr. Ray Cheung, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, CityU

16 APRIL , 17:00-18:00 (GMT+8) - LIVE

#Art #Culture #SocialEnterprise #Well-Being
Interactive workshop

Art as Soft Power

Amanda Sun will conduct the workshop share her journey in the culturally diverse metropolis of Hong Kong. She will share how arts and culture as the civic common in our society and advocate inclusiveness and wellbeing for everyone in our community. 
Workshop contents covers her experience as art viewing and art making facilitator, and how arts can bring the power of hope for our society for our younger generations, and how art can make positive changes to our current education.

By Amanda SunFounder and Director , Arts for Good Foundation

             The SandBox Hackathons will be launching on
      the first day of the Future in YOU 2022 event. Access will be activated. 

15 APRIL , 12:00-12:30 (GMT+8) - LIVE  (Your 1st chance)
16 APRIL , 12:30-13:00 (GMT+8) -
LIVE (Your 2nd chance)

#Wellness #Fun #VirtualGame
Game Show

Pointlessly Fun Trivia Game Show

Join us in this LIVE interactive Game show with our star host "Vivek Maharani",  our all time favourite standup comedian. A actual virtual game show that you can play and win big prizes !

See how we get you some POWER without POINTS!

By Vivek Maharani, English + Cantonese Comedian  

15 APRIL , 16:00(GMT+8)

Music Show

Online Music Show

TzuRong Yang Graduated from National Taiwan Normal University Institute of Ethnic Music. 
She is often invited to perform Liuqin and Zhongruan at home and abroad, with delicate performance and superb skills. She has successively visited China, Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Since 2015, she has participated in well-known domestic orchestra performances, such as Taipei Philharmonic Opera House, Taiwan Symphony Orchestra NTSO, National Symphony Orchestra NSO, and Evergreen Symphony Orchestra ESO Mandolin Performance.

Yang will be performing 3 pieces of music in a unique way , bringing us travel from past to future. 

By TzuRong Yang, a Liuqin, Zhongruan and Mandolin Performer

16 APRIL , 15:45 (GMT+8)

Music Show

Online Music Show

The Anonymous -
This is a band formed by 4 music freaks from different background, e.g. finance and
insurance, dental manufacturing, composer, music educator and back-up singer. We are here
because of music!
We love sharing our music, sharing our joy. Letting you guys feel the joy of music is the
utmost important goal for us.
No matter who we are.
Let’s enjoy the music!
Stay chill, stay relaxed

By Sara (Vocalist) x Robin (Cajonist) x Matthew (Pianist)

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